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Mason's Mailbag: Getting set for OTAs

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Why hasn't there been much talk about Clinton McDonald being added this offseason. He is coming off a five-sack season, not sure why there isn't more excitement around him.

-- Nicholas George

For starters, other moves -- such as the addition of Case Keenum -- were understandably more newsworthy. I think there was some fixation on his Pro Football Focus ranking -- which wasn't high -- but I think the Broncos will do a better job of using him in situations that play to his pass-rushing strengths than the Bucs did.

But the biggest impact McDonald can bring might not be in the pass rush, but through his leadership and experience. He was a team captain with the Buccaneers and played with the Seahawks in 2013, when they defeated the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. That presence is at the top of the list of what McDonald believes he'll bring to the team.

"He's a guy that's going to be the glue in the locker room, the glue on the field, and a guy that's focused on his craft," McDonald told Orange and Blue 760 on May 9. "[I'm] not focused on anything else but making the organization look good, making the community look good, getting involved in the community, getting involved in the team and what the team has to offer."


Dying to know who is leading the backup QB race now that Chad Kelly is finally healthy.**

-- Keith P

Since there hasn't been a OTA session, let alone a training-camp practice, proclaiming a "leader" right now is unwise. Lynch is the incumbent No. 2 quarterback, obviously, so he would have the inside track if he can grow from the last two seasons, but let's see what they do on the field in the next four weeks before we start proclaiming a "leader" in the competition.

For now, it's too early to know, especially considering that the next snaps Kelly has in practice against a defense will be his first substantial practice work as a professional.

Why can't the Broncos use a package that features six offensive linemen instead of the regular 5 more often? I feel like when teams use it it works out so much better in the run game, which is an area the Broncos have struggled with recently.

-- Ben Martling

Because using six offensive linemen tends to telegraph your intent to run, in part because it removes a potential passing target from play (which is in part why the Broncos have averaged just 1.9 yards per pass play with six O-linemen over the last three seasons).

Since 2015, the Broncos have run 51 snaps with exactly six offensive linemen, running 40 times and passing 11. Even accounting for kneeldowns, the Broncos' per-carry average with six offensive linemen is below its overall average of the last three years. It is a good short-yardage look, but not something that can viably be used on more than an occasional basis.


Does Kenny Bell have a good chance of making the 53-man roster?**

-- Lisa Bastin

Bell needs an outstanding spring and summer to give himself a chance, and he needs to show that he can contribute extensively on special teams, as well as offense.

Wide receiver is one of the deepest positions on the roster, with four draft picks over the last two seasons among the players battling for opportunities behind Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Bell's 4.38 speed and production at Nebraska make him an intriguing prospect, but he's in perhaps the deepest position group on the roster.


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