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Denver Broncos News: Broncos' Mailbag


Mason's Mailbag: Comparing Case Keenum and Jake Plummer

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#AskMase Mase, are we going to see the old school '80s/'90s uniform again? The last time I remember seeing them was against Dallas in about 2001?

You're right on the last time you saw them -- Thanksgiving Day 2001. The Broncos defeated Dallas 26-24 in a rare (for that time, anyway) color-on-color matchup in which the Broncos wore orange jerseys and the Cowboys wore blue.

Do not expect to see these uniforms again until/unless the NFL changes its one-helmet-shell policy. As has been noted in this space before, that rule prevents the Broncos from having a lighter-blue helmet shell that such a throwback would require. Few things would make me happier for the 2019 season -- the NFL's 100th campaign -- than for the one-helmet-shell rule to be struck down, allowing for teams to commemorate the NFL's centennial season with true throwbacks, throwing all rules on the number of possible uniforms aside for one year.

Imagine if the Broncos could play a pair of games in brown and yellow, two more with the "crazy horse" logo of the 1960s (last seen during two throwback weeks during the NFL's 75th season of 1994), two in the classic orange-and-light-blue uniforms with the famous "D" logo and two in the blue jerseys and white pants that were unveiled for the 1997 season, with the rest of the season played in the primary current uniforms. For football-history nerds like myself, this would be glorious.

In the meantime, the Color Rush uniform with the old "D" logo and block numerals is as close as you will get at this time to a throwback. The Broncos will wear this uniform against Pittsburgh, and despite my general disdain for monochromatic uniforms, this uniform is my personal favorite of the Broncos' current ensemble.


Do you think we will see more of Courtland Sutton this week after only registering one catch last week? #AskMase

I don't know if we will see more overall plays from him; against Oakland, he played as many snaps as Emmanuel Sanders (54 of a possible 66, 81.8 percent). Case Keenum targeted him six times, but he finished with a single reception and a dramatic near-touchdown in the third quarter.

In the future, one-catch games for Sutton will be the exception, not the rule.


Is Jordan "Sunshine" Taylor still on the team? If the answer is yes, do you believe he can be part of the 53-man roster? #AskMase

He's on the physically-unable-to-perform list as he completes his recovery from two hip surgeries, which means he is not eligible to return to the 53-man roster until Week 7. What Taylor gives the Broncos, at minimum, is an insurance policy. If one of their five wide receivers is injured, they could insert Taylor into the lineup and maintain the quality of their depth.

Taylor can fit on multiple special-teams units, as well, and his work as a punt returner late last season demonstrated that he can easily slide into that role if needed.


#askmase Care to compare Jake Plummer and Case Keenum?

Both came to Denver having guided their previous team to one playoff win and one playoff loss in their tenures. Both were selected as second-team All-Americans by at least one outlet in their college careers. (Keenum was a first-team selection in 2009 by the College Football News.) Both joined the Broncos in their seventh season after their first pro training camp. (Keenum is considered a six-year veteran because he spent his rookie season on the practice squad.)

Both threw three interceptions in their first Broncos start, but still guided the team to victory. Both threw three touchdown passes in their first two games with the Broncos -- both of which ended in wins. Both earned justified praise for their leadership, presence in the huddle and ability to get the team on the same page.

If I'm adding "Both took the Broncos to the playoffs in their first season as Denver's starter" in four months, I think you'll be pleased.


What do you see the outcome of the Broncos-Ravens game to be? #askmase

Broncos 24, Ravens 23, as I told Steve Atwater and Ryan Edwards on "First and Ten at Ten" on Friday. Keenum and the offense have a fourth-quarter touchdown drive on their ledger in each of the first two games. I think they'll make it three in dramatic fashion.

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