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Mason's Mailbag: Areas of progress for Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian

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What is your evaluation of the quarterbacks so far? Are both of them progressing and improving? I'm asking you because you give a neutral opinion. There seems to be a narrative that only Paxton Lynch is progressing because that seems to be all that is written about except from your reports. You talk about both QBs.

-- Taryn O'Neil

In reflecting on the four weeks of OTAs and minicamp, both were better when they finished than when they began. In particular, Lynch improved in his touch passes and his resiliency; he was much better at shaking off a mistake and resetting his focus for the next play than he was last year. This is as much a result of increased maturity that any second-year quarterback would have as it is of his comfort level in the system. He also showed palpable growth in getting to his second read and making quicker decisions.

As for Trevor Siemian, I liked the patience he showed in the pocket, which gave him the opportunity to identify late-opening receivers downfield. Siemian was able to make some big plays to tight ends and other inside targets down the seam because he gave them a chance to get some separation. It's also clear how quickly he ingests a tip from a coach and implements it into his play.

One example of this came during a minicamp practice. Siemian had one pass that was knocked down at the line of scrimmage that could have been avoided if he had released the football at a higher point. On the next play, the ball came out higher, soared past two outstretched hands from defensive linemen, and a completion and a first down followed.

There was much to like about both quarterbacks, but as is the case with all young passers, much needs to be improved. The phrase "work in progress" will likely apply, no matter who ends up starting Week 1.

I'm finally getting up to Denver from Vegas this year for the preseason game against the Packers. What are some good Broncos-related things to do before the game? Possible autographs, sights, activities, food, etc. Thanks!

-- Wendell Hayes

This page has some information on activities that take place before the game at the stadium. Autographs from current players will be tough to get because it's a game day, but you can greet them as they arrive at the southwest tunnel.

If you want to get there early and take part in the team's official tailgate, head to the Mile High Mountain Village, which is accessible through Gate 4 (the northwest gate) and features an all-you-can-eat menu for $20 (if your ticket is bought in advance).

You should also take time to visit the Mile High Monument, the scaled-down replica of Mile High Stadium that sits in the north parking lot.

Beyond the stadium, I recommend using Visit Denver's website page on "things to do" as a starting point for finding ideas that are tailored to your personal tastes. That said, August is a perfect time of year to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, hit Red Rocks or spend a day on a hiking trail. You can't go wrong with any of those.


As much as we've all heard about the left tackle competition, I don't believe I've heard/read one lick of how Menelik Watson is looking so far?**

-- Tyler German

So far, so good. Good health is going to be the key for him, but if he can avoid the injuries that plagued him, he could be an effective power blocker at right tackle, which is where he received all of his work during OTAs and minicamp. If the Broncos keep Ron Leary at right guard, the right side of their line has some road-grading potential that could clear plenty of holes for their running backs.

When does training camp begin?

-- Deb Grenzke

The exact dates and times will be announced soon, but the earliest it can begin is Thursday, July 27. Teams cannot hold their first practice until two weeks before the preseason opener, which for the Broncos comes on August 10 at Chicago.

This QB battle between the Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch is heating up and is as savory as a chicken fried steak and potatoes on a cold Friday evening, That being said, I want to know who are you rooting for and why?

-- Marc Aguirre

That is a tremendous analogy, but I have no rooting interest. It is unwise for someone who must accurately report and analyze the quarterbacks' daily performances to pick a side.

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