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Kubiak: Draft focus on best player available

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --Do you draft for need or do you select the best player available?

Head Coach Gary Kubiak believes there's "no doubt" about what a team should do and what the Broncos will do: they'll take the best player on their board.

"I think you get yourself in trouble sometimes just drafting a position, so to speak, because you may feel like you're deficient here or there and you need vast improvement there," Kubiak told approximately 2,100 season-ticket holders on a conference call Friday afternoon.

"You go get the best players, know where you're strong as a coach, know where you're strong as a team, play to those strengths and continue to work on those weaknesses or those things you have to improve."

Not drafting for need can create the perception of an imbalanced roster once the dust settles. But it's the coaches' job to coach up the players under their watch, and if there are areas of the roster that are weaker than others, develop the players on hand, maximize their abilities and minimize any deficiencies.

"Entering the draft, we just need to make sure that we're putting the best possible players that we can on this football team, and we'll work through any situation that we have," he said.

Kubiak also likes the quality available in this year's draft class.

"There's a lot of players in this draft. This will be a very good draft, and I feel good about our process as we prepare," Kubiak said. "Being able to add 10 players (via draft picks) to our football team is going to create a very competitive environment."

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