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'I'm going for it': Phillip Lindsay nears second straight 1,000-yard season with one game remaining

DENVER — For Phillip Lindsay, seven might be bigger than 1,000.

With one week left in the season, the Broncos will have a chance to get their seventh win of the season, and Lindsay will have an opportunity to once again rush for 1,000 yards on the season. After a 109-yard day on the ground in the Broncos' 27-17 win over the Lions, he's just 42 yards away.

But make no mistake — as much as Lindsay wants to reach that benchmark for a second straight season, he does not want it at the expense of getting that seventh win.

"Oh yeah, I'm going for it," Lindsay said. "I'm going for it, the offensive line's going for it, the quarterback's going for it, the receivers are going for it, the defense is going for it. At the end of the day, I just want to win though. If it's 970, 980, or 1,000, it's just a stat."

However, the challenge of crossing the 1,000-yard threshold feels different this year, Lindsay said.

"It's definitely been a lot tougher," Lindsay said. "They know about you, and it's a different scheme that we're in that you've got to adjust and adapt to. For me, I wanted to be able to showcase my toughness and me running in between the tackles and that I can carry a load. Everybody knows once I break I can be gone, but it's about the dirty yards. That stuff goes unnoticed, but that's what I want to work on. I'm able to do it because you've got nine [defenders] in the [tackle] box all the time. They're always looking at you. Our offensive line is doing a great job."

Those "dirty yards" were Lindsay's bread and butter against the Lions, as he danced and dashed his way through the trenches for his largest gains, including the 27-yard touchdown run that put the Broncos up 10 points. With runs like those, Lindsay has continued to be an effective and efficient rusher, averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

"I like that he broke a couple there, especially that last one," Head Coach Vic Fangio said. "He seemed to be running with a good resolve, trying to get the extra yards, trying to break tackles. That's what we talk about all the time and he did a good job with that."

If he can run like that in the season finale against the Raiders, Lindsay won't have to worry about picking between a win or 1,000 rushing yards this season — the Broncos have won all five games in which he has rushed for at least 100 yards.

Doing it once again may get Lindsay everything he and the Broncos want to cap the season.

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