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'I just have to do better': HC Vic Fangio pledges to improve commitment to wearing face covering on sideline


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — After Head Coach Vic Fangio and the Broncos' organization were assessed a lofty fine this week for violating the NFL's sideline face-covering policy, Fangio pledged to improve his commitment to wearing a mask along with other sideline personnel during games.

"I'm going to do my best to do better with that," Fangio said Wednesday.

Fangio was one of five head coaches who were fined after Week 2 for improper mask usage.

Fangio explained there are certain circumstances within a game that lead him to pull down his mask, but he said he must improve on re-covering his face following those situations.

"Obviously, I'm going to have to do better with that," Fangio said. "What happens during the game is obviously I'm calling the defenses, and I have to pull it down to communicate that so it can be sent in to the players. When the officials come over and talk to me, they pull their mask down, [and] I pull mine down to talk to them. And when I have my mask up, after eight to 10 seconds, it starts fogging my glasses, [so] I have to pull it down.

"All those times where I pull it down, I've just got to do better at getting it back up more than I have been. It's all been subconsciously happening during the game."

Fangio said he has spoken with President/CEO Joe Ellis and President of Football Operations/General Manager John Elway about the protocols and his commitment to following them more stringently.

"There's no mystery of what happened and why it's happening," Fangio said. "I just have to do better with it and continue to do a better job of pulling it back up when I have reason to pull it down."

As the Broncos approach their Week 3 game against the Buccaneers, Fangio said he will consider swapping a mask for a clear face shield like the one Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has worn in the early weeks of the season.

"I'm going to consider that," Fangio said. "As a matter of fact, I was going to use it the first game of the season. But late in the process, [I] decided not to."

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