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Head Coach Gary Kubiak reacts to fallout in Baltimore


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** Nearly 1,600 miles east of Denver, Baltimore is in the nation's spotlight as protesting and riots have gained traction and attention following the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent announcement of a federal investigation into why it happened while he was in police custody.

A year ago Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak was in Baltimore as the Ravens' offensive coordinator, and he urged listeners that the city that people are watching on the news is not the city he knows, and definitely not a city defined by the improper rioting amid the unrest.

"I can tell you one thing: That's not Baltimore," Kubiak said about the unlawful rioting. "I was there last year. It's a great city, great people, very strong city, tremendous history and they'll show their strength through this. My prayers are with them but I can tell you that's not Baltimore. I really enjoyed it there and I love the people there. They'll work through it."

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