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HC Vic Fangio on Von Miller: 'I think he's got more to give'

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —In the months since Vic Fangio was hired as the Broncos' head coach, he's spoken on several occasions about the player Von Miller is — and the player that he can be.

Fangio continued that theme Wednesday, as he said on the eve of his first training camp with the Broncos that he thinks the defensive star can elevate his game.

"I think he's got more to give," Fangio said. "I think we can make him be a better player. He's got to make himself be a better player — let me rephrase that — with us guiding him and being a resource for him. I think he has more in him that he can even be better and better. He's a guy that should be in the mention for player of the year awards and stuff like that. If we can get him to improve, to do all the little things correctly — and not that he hasn't in the past, but improve it — and just become a little bit better, with a guy of his talent level, a little bit ends up being a lot."

Fangio did say that Miller is already in the same class as several other highly talented players that he's coached, including Hall of Famer Ray Lewis and former Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack.

Miller, though, may have another gear. And Fangio said the Super Bowl 50 MVP has demonstrated a willingness to get to that next level.

"I'm very excited," Fangio said. "I've loved working with him up to this point. He's been very receptive, and I'm looking forward to the season with him."

Throughout the offseason, Miller has consistently agreed with Fangio's assessment that he can improve his play. Miller's answer on Wednesday was no different.

"I've got a lot to give," Miller said. "I haven't won Defensive Player of the Year one time. I haven't led the league in sacks one time. There's a lot that I've got to give. I think as long that I'm keeping that mindset, I'll continue to get better each and every year, and that what I've tried to do.

"I just try to come in, work hard, be easily coachable. I feel like I'm a coach's dream. Whatever they tell me to do, I feel like I can do it. Whether that's coverage, whether that's rushing the passer, run game — if you coach me on a point, I'll be able to do it. I'll be able to remember it in a game.

"We've got great coaches. … He's coached all the great ones, he coached some great ones last year as well, and he had success with the Bears, and whatever he tells me to do, I'll go out there and do it. I feel like if I can stick to that game plan, all that stuff will happen for me."

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