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Gradkowski sees fit in Kubiak's offense

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Gino Gradkowski didn't work with Gary Kubiak for too long, but he must have made an impact on him at some point with the Broncos acquiring the center on Wednesday via trade.

He's not sure what that was, but maybe it's his work ethic.

"We gained a great relationship and that helped me out obviously," Gradkowski said. "His offense is unbelievable; he's one of the best offensive minds I've been around in my days playing football so it's very exciting."

Kubiak's zone blocking scheme and offense made the Ravens' running game dynamic behind Justin Forsett, and the adjustment in Denver has mouths watering to see the results that could be in store for the Broncos.

Gradkowski has the benefit of already knowing that scheme well from his time in Baltimore, and thinks he can see success in it, as well as the ability to help his teammates learn it.

Take a look at new Broncos center Gino Gradkowski from his NFL experience with the Ravens.

"I think I fit his offense well; I think his offense fits me," he said on Thursday. "...the running game is the most important part of the game. We need to establish that, obviously and I'm just here to work hard and do the best I can to make that happen."

As far as how being a center changes in the system, Gradkowski said he doesn't see a huge change in what he does, but noted that it can help more mobile players.

"I think it helps undersized guys—not that I'd say I'm undersized—but smaller than some of the other centers in the league. It helps us with the movement and stuff like that," he said. "Being a center, you need to make sure everybody's on the same page. So that's the most important thing when it comes to blocking and I think that goes for any system."

Gradkowski said the past couple days has been a bit wild with the trade, but he's excited to have the opportunity to work back into a starting spot and to be back with Head Coach Gary Kubiak.

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