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Fox Talks Playoffs

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --With the regular season in the rear-view mirror, Head Coach John Fox sat down with the media Monday afternoon to talk playoffs.

He said the players will have Tuesday and Wednesday off before reconvening Thursday. He also announced that wide receiver Wes Welker "has been cleared to play."

Below are the highlights from Fox's press conference.

On if the possibility of facing two AFC West teams helps with preparing for an unknown opponent
"Two of the three (San Diego and Indianapolis) have beaten us this season, we know that much. They all present problems. As I mentioned earlier, when you get in the playoffs they all present problems. That's typically why you have playoffs. So we'll just wait and see. We'll do some work on all of the potential opponents. We know it's going to be one of the three, we just don't know which one. We'll prepare this week as such."

On three teams from the AFC West making the playoffs
"I think two years ago they were talking about this being the sorriest division in football and I can also remember not too long ago they were saying the same thing about the NFC West. It's cyclical. There are obviously some good football teams, well-coached football teams. To weather the 16-game regular season schedule and get in—it's not easy. It's very competitive, very close. Some teams came down to the last weekend; I just think it's all along great for the game."

On if he will reference the 2012 AFC Divisional Playoff loss to the team as motivation
"I think I have. There were a lot of guys that were on the team a year ago, whether it was the opening game of the season, or obviously we won't run into them again in this year's playoffs, but I think any time, any experience you reference, whether it's by me or maybe a teammate or one of the assistant coaches."

On if the team is more ready based on the adversity the team faced this season
"Again, all of those experiences hopefully are beneficial moving forward. Only time will tell. Each year your team takes on a completely different personality. This group is not the same group that was here a year ago. Obviously there is some carry over. Just like at the conclusion of this season, our team will not look the same next year. It's just the nature of our business. Again, we've got a great opportunity and what we do with it is why you do this."

On if he will take time this week to reflect on and appreciate the season and all of the team's accomplishments to date
"I think it's a great accomplishment, all those things are: 13-3 is a great accomplishment. That's not what you're going to remember if you don't learn and move forward in the right direction. Again, it's very competitive moving forward, that's why they have the playoffs. I think that's why the advantage is where it is. So we'll see. We've got a chance just like the other teams in the playoffs."

On if there is added "electricity" now that they're in the playoffs
"I think anytime everybody plays the regular season with the ultimate goal of getting into the playoffs. I think we're probably no different from the other teams. Sure there is an excitement level but we'll see what we get to do with it moving forward. That said, yes there is excitement, yes."

On if he worries about distractions due to rumors about assistant coaches interviewing for other positions
"Not really, I just know that, to a man—player or coach—in that locker room or in those offices is totally focused on our next opponent and what we have to do to win that game. Whether it was USC earlier in the year or 'Black Monday' candidates—it's all speculation. I can just assure you that all of our focus is on the Denver Broncos."

On playing well going into the playoffs
"Time will tell but I think in this game it's about confidence and usually good things have to happen to gain confidence. I think we've had a few good things happen so we'll see where that takes us."

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