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Flipbooks: Frame-by-frame looks at dynamic defensive plays

Frame-by-frame action of Aqib Talib's nimble moves to take an interception for a touchdown against the Colts in Week 2. (sequences 1 and 2 by Gabriel Christus, sequence 3 by Eric Bakke)

Broncos team photographers captured two key defensive plays from the win over Indianapolis with frame-by-frame action from multiple angles, revealing rare and raw moments from Sunday's most thrilling scores.

A look at Von Miller and Shane Ray's game-changing play through the eyes of team photographer Gabriel Christus.

The first was Aqib Talib's pick-six early in the fourth quarter. You can see his effort and elation as he nears the end zone.

The other flipbook shows OLB Von Miller stripping the ball from QB Andrew Luck and then Shane Ray's clean recovery before taking it to the end zone beyond WR T.Y. Hilton's outstretched arms.