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Flipbooks: Dazzling moments from Broncos vs. Chiefs

Relive Jordan Taylor's toe-tapping touchdown catch from a scrambling Trevor Siemian through the the camera of team photographer Gabriel Christus.

Take a trip to the sideline and see what Broncos team photographers see with these flipbooks that catalog four of the Broncos' most thrilling plays from Sunday night: Trevor Siemian's scramble to find Jordan Taylor on the sideline in the end zone, Von Miller's third sack of the night, Emmanuel Sanders' 35-yard touchdown reception and Bennie Fowler's scorching 76-yard score.

Go behind the lens of team photographer Gabriel Christus for Von Miller's third sack and his ensuing celebration.

Go behind our team photographers' lenses for a different look at Emmanuel Sanders' 35 yard touchdown catch. (first sequence by Eric Bakke, second sequence by Gabriel Christus)

Take a frame-by-frame look at Bennie Fowler's 76-yard fourth-quarter touchdown through the eyes of team photographer Eric Bakke.

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