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Fantasy Factor: Week 5


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --** Another week down in fantasy and another interesting set of problems for owners in traditional leagues. I watched a lot games during the bye week. What struck me the most is how many teams just don't even bother with the run anymore inside the 5, the Bears among them! We all knew the role of the workhorse back disappeared years ago, but you could still count on early down runs from most teams inside the 5-yard line. Now it's spread the defense out, and throw to win. The struggles in run-blocking for many teams is shocking too, and something fantasy owners should note.

The teams that seem committed to the run aren't featuring one guy, but they will help you grab some points if your options are limited. Dallas and DeMarco Murray are living off the run right now, but he isn't available. Look to Minnesota for some help: an intriguing possibility is Jerick McKinnon. He could be affected by Teddy Bridgewater and his ankle, though. Branden Oliver from San Diego could be the guy if Donald Brown doesn't improve his play. Carolina does run the ball, they just can't keep a back healthy. However, if you need a guy, Darrin Reaves may be worth a look.

Quick Hits: Some other waiver wire grabs – Teddy Bridgewater will go quick, but if you have the waiver claim, go for it. It may be a couple weeks before opponents get a good read on him. That could get you some nice mid-season points. Mike Glennon is Tampa Bay's guy of the moment, and if he can keep winning, McCown wasn't exactly dubbed a franchise guy before he was hurt. I would be cautious with Kyle Orton. This was a West Coast scheme. That will have to change with Orton's lack of mobility. Also note that rain could be a problem for the Thursday night game in Green Bay.

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