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Fantasy Factor: Week 2 pickups


WOW! What a weird first week of the season. Many games were basically exciting for a half. That's what happens when health is the top goal of training camp. Many teams have their fantasy owners spinning, including the one here in Denver. IT'S WEEK ONE! I'm not saying don't make moves, but don't drop everyone, and decide the season is over. This isn't Twitter, the season is longer than 140 characters. 

Let's start in Denver, where the Broncos' offense may be ground zero for panicked fantasy owners, and the fan base alike. Manning and crew didn't have their best effort. I'm being kind there. The offensive line struggled to make Manning comfortable. Manning and the WR's weren't always on the same page, and the TE's didn't factor in like I thought they would. The running game had its issues as well, until the monster drive in the 4th quarter that ate up the clock and resulted in a field goal.

So, do you believe that the team will look this way all year, and bail? I say no. I'm not sure what kind of improvement you'll see on Thursday, but they won't be facing a defense that practiced with their head coach either.

The offensive line has to be better, and I think every game it will be. How soon that results in Manning feeling comfortable that he has time to go through his progressions, or let the routes fully develop, I don't know. I think if you look at the 4th quarter drive though, you see signs of a comfort level coming together as the pass rush tired.

I wouldn't drop Manning, Thomas, Sanders or Anderson just yet. KC does have a fearsome pass rush, and with Eric Berry coming back from a battle with cancer, Arrowhead might induce ear bleeding. That will make this week a tough match-up, but if you drafted those guys high, it's tough to sit them in my mind. The Denver defense will be a must start all year. 

If you're looking to make some moves, here are some guys to add: 

RB Tevin Coleman, Atlanta.He looks like the main guy in Atlanta and he's not exactly a household name. I don't know if I trust the Atlanta offense consistently, but he's a starter that should be available.

RB Ronnie Hillman, Denver. I think Ronnie is great for this offense and with uncertainty about CJ Anderson's health, he may grab a bigger role.

RB Chris Johnson, Arizona. He takes over the starting role for a couple weeks and Arizona favors a balanced attack.  

WR Donte Moncrief, Colts. He should be taking the reps left by TY Hilton and he was a solid performer last year.

WR Terrance Williams, Cowboys. He will be the man in for Dez Bryant while he recovers from a broken foot. 

QB Marcus Mariota, Titans. He had a great first game. If he's around, grab him and see if the roll continues. I wouldn't start him right away, but if your QB looked bad the first week, why not have a shake-up option. He could be good the first six weeks, as the NFL gets a book on him. 

QB Sam Bradford, Eagles. The offense didn't look great in the first half Monday, but it got better as they went along. I think Bradford knocked some rust off and against a Dallas defense that wasn't always great Sunday night, I'm curious to see if he continues to trend up. You know the Eagles will throw the ball.

Biggest thing is to be patient. One week doesn't make the season or even a trend.  

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