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Fantasy Factor: Pickups for Week 11

Time for week 11, next verse same as the first. Injuries are killing your (and my) team. The playoffs are coming though, so now is the time to grab options.

At quarterback, some of the usual suspects remain. Chicago's Jay Cutler may have a rough week against the Broncos, but he has been good overall. Grab him. Denver's Brock Osweiler should be good this week going against an up and down Bears defense, and now the Bears don't know what offense to expect with Osweiler. Johnny Manziel is the new starter in Cleveland. He threw for a ton of yards last week, but not many touchdowns. Those are your top options. Oh yeah, and a guy named Tony Romo is being rushed back.

The tight end position is always a danger zone this year. How about trying Denver's Virgil Green. He is relatively unknown, but he caught Brock Osweiler's first TD pass last year. Green may benefit from his chemistry with Osweiler.

Also look for the Patriots Scott Chandler, as they try to replace wide receiver Julian Edelman. It may be a by committee situation. Tight end Richard Rodgers from Green Bay is a nice option as well.

At wide receiver, Stevie Johnson from San Diego is back off bye, and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers needs someone to throw to. New England's Danny Amendola may finally take his shot to replace Wes Welker in New England. He always comes with an injury concern, though. Plus Wes Welker fans, I'm not sure if St. Louis quarterback Case Keenam will help the offense, but Welker is out there for the taking.

At running back, if you really need a guy, try the 49ers Shaun Draughn. NFL Network likes him. Matt Jones is a risk for Washington, but the running back options are few.

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