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Fantasy Factor: Week 15

Flip through photos of the Broncos' 58 touchdowns this season, from Julius Thomas' opening-week hat trick to Peyton Manning's No. 509 to Virgil Green's first NFL touchdown.

Playoffs! Playoffs?

I hear Jim Mora's voice every time someone says the word playoffs. We are in the thick of them though, so your moves have to be spot on. The QB position continues to intrigue even late in the season. I used Teddy Bridgewater last week over Ben Rothlisberger and Mark Sanchez, and he was the right play. This week though, he is not a good option as he faces a tough Lions defense. Rothlisberger continues to be an option for some, but he has a tricky match-up with the Falcons in Atlanta. The Falcons do usually play well at home, and found some late offense in Green Bay. Rothlisberger though, has bigger questions all on his own. Remember, he authored a road loss to the Jets, and really didn't put up great numbers against a weak Saints D at home! He defines the roll of the dice. Jake Locker has a home game against that crummy Jets defense that allowed Bridgewater a big day. He might be a good play, and Alex Smith has a home game against the Raiders. Sanchez will also offer a conundrum for owners -- his play is trending down, but he has a home game against a Dallas team that he had a 20-point game against on Thanksgiving. Dallas though, may have a few tricks for Philly.

Late entries to the storylines of week 15 are Johnny Manziel and Cam Newton. Newton is not going to play it appears, after a car accident left him with a similar back injury to that of Tony Romo. Manziel will make his first start of the season, and many like his home match-up with Cincy. I'm hesitant to put my playoff egg in his basket, but if you are facing an uphill battle against a top seed, he might be a boom player. Cincy doesn't have a lot of tape on Johnny Football, and Kyle Shanahan could throw a few surprises in the game plan.

Brandon Marshall is done for the year in Chicago. You can try for Charles Johnson from Minnesota if you need a receiver, but I don't love his Detroit match-up. Definitely grab Donte Moncrief of the Colts, if he's still available. The injury to Reggie Wayne will only increase his production. Cole Beasley of Dallas is an option too. Jordan Cameron may be best your best TE option as well. He should get some extra targets with a rookie QB in there.

At RB, Latavius Murray faces a Chiefs team he helped upset before Thanksgiving. The Chiefs' defense is struggling against the run right now, and Murray should be there. A surprising option is Jonathan Stewart. He is available, he faces the Bucs, and he was a 20-point player last week. In the one-week leagues, the Falcons' offensive guys could be the smart buys this week. That Steelers D has had some awful days this season, and the Falcons found a rhythm against Green Bay. The Colts host the Texans, and the Packers visit the Bills. I like the skill guys for the Packers and Colts, and I love their QB's! They may not hit the same numbers as last week, but consistency is their game. You can also pair Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel for a boom or bust look, and don't shy away from Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas. The Broncos' top tandem could be poised for a huge bounce back against the Chargers.

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