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Evaluating the Picks: Day Three

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --The Broncos capped their 2013 draft with four picks on Day Three.

After trading out of the fourth round, the team selected Georgia wide receiver Tavarres King wtih pick No. 161. Five picks later, the Broncos were on the clock again and drafted Western Kentucky defensive end Quanterus Smith.

In the sixth round, the Broncos chose offensive lineman Vinston Painter from Virginia Tech before capping the draft with quarterback Zac Dysert of Miami University.

Below is a recap of what some national media members are saying about the Broncos' Day Three picks:

Fifth Round (No. 146) Quanterus Smith:

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco

Grade: A -An intriguing edge rushing prospect with good length, explosion and the kind of flexibility you like to get around the edge. He's coming off a torn ACL and needs to fill out, but he offers some real potential as a weakside rusher. A good bet to out-sack a lot of guys taken ahead of him over the course of his career.

**'s Mike Mayock


If you have some edge ability and you're a little raw, that's the kind of guy they want to develop right there.'s Scouts Inc.

Durability issues and questionable work ethic are concerns. This small-school player appears more than capable of making the jump to the NFL based on his tape, though, and he even recorded three sacks against Alabama. He's at his best getting after the quarterback. He's quick, he bends well and he closes well. As pass-rushers, Robert Ayers has been an underachiever and Derek Wolfe is OK but not dynamic. If Smith can make a smooth transition, he has a chance to be in the Broncos' DE rotation.

College Football News

While he's a one-trick specialist, he could be phenomenal at that one thing. A pure pass rushing prospect who gets off the ball in a hurry, he's a tremendous athlete who cuts well and could carve out a long career as a playmaker into the backfield. First, through, he needs to get healthy after suffering a torn ACL late in the season and missing a chance to show what he could do in offseason workouts. While he got by in the Sun Belt by being more athletic than everyone else, he didn't do all the little things right and still needs seasoning. He needs to use his rehab time to transform his body and get stronger to hold up against the run, but he'll be used to do one thing right. It's going to take a year to start working on what he can become, but he'll be worth the wait.
*CFN Projection: Third Round *

Fifth Round (No. 161) Tavarres King:


Grade: A- - A quick player with the kind of long speed to get past corners, King shows fluidity in his routes and makes plenty of plays on deep balls. He could develop into another field-stretching weapon alongside Demaryius Thomas.'s Scouts Inc.

King's strength is as a vertical route-runner. He can open up and run, and has the stride length and speed to stretch the field. King has some tightness as a underneath route-runner and doesn't always get adequate separation. He will have an occasional drop, but has the body control and size to win one-on-one downfield battles. The Broncos have one vertical threat in Demaryius Thomas with a lot of other options in the short-to-intermediate routes. And with Kings's ability to take the top off the defense in sub packages, it should really open things up for Demaryius Thomas if King can handle the sight adjustments that this passing game requires.

College Football News

While he doesn't have elite wheels, he's fast enough to be an NFL deep threat with the moves and athleticism to do a little bit of anything. The hands are average and he tends to fight the ball a bit too much, but he's a good overall pass catcher who's able to track the ball well down the field. While he's good out of the box as a ready-made deep threat, he has plenty of upside. Once he gets in better shape, transforms his body a bit and rocks up with an NFL strength coach, he could be more than just a fly pattern target and could work far better in the interior. He could turn into an ideal No. 3 target in time.
*CFN Projection: Fourth Round *

Sixth Round (No. 173) Vinston Painter:


Grade: D - Painter is an intriguing athlete who actually transitioned to the offensive side from defensive tackle. Adapting to the NFL with his work-in-progress technique will be an even tougher transition.'s Scouts Inc.

Painter is a one-year starter who has the size, mobility and length to contribute at guard or tackle at the next level. It's important that he improve his power and hand placement. The Broncos' O-line is pretty good overall, so this is a depth pick on a guy who might be able to play any position if he's good enough in pass protection.

College Football News

Extremely versatile and extremely athletic, his offseason workouts have been tremendous showing excellent feet and quickness while looking the part. In great shape, he doesn't need any work in an NFL weight room, but on the downside, he might be maxed out on his frame – there isn't much room to rock up another ten pounds to be a dominant guard. After starting out his career on the defensive line, he needs time and seasoning as an offensive lineman, and he's not going to get it. There's too much talent and upside to not get plenty of time in a camp, and there's enough to get excited about to develop, but it's going to take lots of patience.
*CFN Projection: Fifth Round *

**Seventh Round (No. 234) Zac Dysert:



Grade: B -Despite the Broncos' apparent love of 2012 second rounder Brock Osweiler, they tab Miami of Ohio product Dysert in the seventh. He's got the makeup and ability to throw under duress that has reminded some of Ben Roethlisberger, and at minimum he could get flipped for a higher-round choice down the road.'s Scouts Inc.

Dysert has good physical tools and the arm to make all the NFL throws. He shows ability to get through his progressions and was hurt by a lot of drops. Dysert also has underrated mobility within the pocket. Dysert must work on his leadership skills and body language on the field. This is an interesting pick and obviously, one of value. Peyton Manning can probably play another two or three years. Brock Osweiler is the apparent successor, but there's a good chance Dysert will get a chance to really improve as the No. 3 guy and maybe compete for the No. 2 spot by 2014. It gives the Broncos the flexibility to possibly trade one of these two guys down the line.

College Football News

All he had to do at MU was throw and throw and throw some more. A dink-and-dunk, short-to-midrange passer, he got in plenty of work and chances to show what he can do. Smart with the ability to make the right reads and get the ball out of his hands in a hurry, he can be excellent to keep the chains moving in the right offense that allows him to spread the ball around. Can he handle being a pocket passer? Everything breaks down under pressure and he tends to get bail out on a play by going to the hot receiver too quickly; he has to learn to hang in until the last nanosecond to deliver the ball. Not all that big, not a deep passer and with limited athleticism, there's a hard ceiling on what he can be, but he could turn into a nearly perfect backup option who could step in and keep a team afloat.
*CFN Projection: Fourth Round *

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