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Emmanuel Sanders embraces new balanced offense

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – With a pair of 1,000-yard receivers in 2014, it's easy to see why the Broncos might be "wide receiver heaven." But with the addition of a new head coach and offensive coordinator for the 2015 season, things could change.

To wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders that isn't necessarily true: "[No.] 18 is still at the helm. You never know."

Newly-appointed Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison will look to have a more balanced attack in 2015. A trademark of Dennison's traditional coaching style, Denver will now look to rely on both the rushing and passing offense as opposed to last year's emphasis on the passing game. 

"It's definitely different," said Sanders. "You talk about going from a no-huddle offense to an offense that's huddling up, to an offense that is predicated off running a football and then throwing it. It's different."

The Broncos took to the field to begin OTAs with the season just a few months away. Here are shots from Wednesday's action. (All photos by digital staff)

While the Broncos' offensive scheme is changing and evolving, he remains excited and ready to embrace the changes.

"It's a totally different set up, but I tell you what, the more and more I'm in it," said Sanders. "Because we can get the run game going and just use my vertical speed on cross routes and all these different combinations of routes is based off the play action, then I think the offense will be successful with Peyton Manning at the helm."

The shift could affect Sanders, who hauled in 101 receptions for 1,404 yards in 2014, the third-most in the AFC and fifth-most in the NFL. Teamed with Demaryius Thomas' 1,698 receiving yards, the wide receiver duo were the only teammates to each tally more than 1,400 receiving yards in the NFL. 

"Of course obviously it's not going to be one of those offenses, well I'm praying that it is, but obviously it's not going to be one of those offenses where you catch it and you're going to have two receivers catching over 100 passes," said Sanders. "Hopefully, my goal is really to try to get a 1,000 yards to just help this team win ball games."

Despite the possibility of decreased reps, Sanders still has his mind focused on doing whatever it takes to win. For Sanders, the only stat that matters comes from the win column: "I think a good year this year is winning the Super Bowl first of all, it don't matter about the stats…"

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