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Draft Prospect Profile: Wake Forest CB Kevin Johnson


His strong work in the three-cone and short shuttle drills was no surprise, as he consistently changes direction quickly and with ample fluidity.

The biggest question is his confidence against opposing receivers. He ran into trouble at Wake Forest at times when he would surrender too much of a cushion at the line of scrimmage. Johnson can handle zone and man-to-man coverage because of his quick reaction and ability to change direction.

But when he was aggressive in press coverage, he succeeded far more often than not. He can be physical, well beyond his size. Johnson also plays with fire and exuberance, and got away with a throat-slashing gesture after breaking up a pass against Florida State last year.

"I was a little too emotional out there," he admitted at the Combine. "I like to play with a swagger when I'm out there. I did a gesture I shouldn't have, and learned from that. As you play and get experience, you learn to channel that emotion."



Curiously, Johnson declined an invitation to got to the Senior Bowl, telling media at the Combine, "There was risk involved doing things like that. I was advised not to play in the game."

When Johnson arrived at Wake Forest, he weighed 155 pounds and gradually bulked up. But there were questions about his raw timed speed at 188 pounds, and his Combine time of 4.52 seconds in the 40 a bit slower than he expected. He aspired to run in the low 4.4 range.

But while his straight-line speed was average among Combine cornerbacks, his results in quickness and change-of-direction testing were among the best. These attributes -- and a few extra pounds -- should serve him better than playing at 182 pounds, because he should have a better chance of being able to contribute in run support at 188.


Weight:188 pounds
Arm:31 inches (T-15th among 32 Combine CBs)
Hand:8 3/8 inches (T-28th among 32 Combine CBs)
40-yard dash:4.52 seconds (16th among 29 Combine CBs tested)
Vertical jump:41.5 inches (T-2nd among 29 Combine CBs tested)
Broad jump:10 feet, 10 inches (T-2nd among 30 Combine CBs tested)
Three-cone drill:6.79 seconds (4th among 26 Combine CBs tested
Short shuttle:3.89 seconds (4th among 27 Combine CBs)

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