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Draft Prospect Profile: UCLA LB Eric Kendricks



He can pursue, stop the run and drop back in coverage. He misses few tackles. His mental mistakes are few and far between, and he functions as well in traffic as he does in space. He's always around the football, even when the play doesn't move in his direction.

But the number that sticks with Kendricks heading into the draft and limits his potential opportunities is his weight: 232 pounds. While that leaves him right in the wheelhouse for 4-3 teams seeking a weakside linebacker, it rules out 3-4 teams that would project him as an inside linebacker, since his strengths would be neutralized working from the edge.

What jumps out from the film is his ability to make players all over the field. There's few spots he can't reach to at least minimize the damage, or prevent it entirely. But at his size, will he be able to fight off the blockers that advance toward the second level?

"Measurables are one thing. But you can't measure explosion and you can't measure certain other things that people bring to the table like natural instinct and getting to the ball," Kendricks said. "… That's what I have."



His brother, Mychal, is seven pounds heavier and has found success as the strong-side inside linebacker for the Eagles the last two years since the team installed a 3-4 defense in 2013.

Pass-rushing opportunities won't be plentiful for Kendricks, given where he will line up. But if Kendricks is in a scheme that calls for them, he knows work lies ahead of him, because that is a weak spot in his game.

"I never really blitzed a lot from a set formation or a set blitz," Kendricks said at the Combine. "I don't have a lot of experience in that area."


Weight:232 pounds
Arm:31 inches (T-29th among 34 Combine LBs)
Hand:9 5/8 inches (T-14th among 34 Combine LBs)
Bench Press:19 repetitions (T-21st among 29 Combine LBs)
40-yard dash:4.66 seconds (10th among 29 Combine LBs)
Vertical jump:38 inches (T-3rd among 28 Combine LBs)
Broad jump:10 feet, 5 inches (2nd among 28 Combine LBs)

PROJECTION: Late Round 1 to Round 2.

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