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Draft Prospect Profile: Nebraska OLB Randy Gregory



Gregory weighed 235 pounds at the Combine, so his primary asset is obviously his speed off the edge, which helped him amass 17.5 sacks at Nebraska, where he was a second-team All-American last year. But he was willing to go inside and physically engage against offensive tackles. That will serve him well once he adds some more weight.

If Gregory can keep his speed and quickness with 10 to 15 more pounds, he has a Pro Bowl ceiling. He needs bulk and a few more pass-rush moves, but his attributes cannot be coached, while his weaknesses can be remedied through coaching and the weight room.

One aspect of his play that jumped out was his surprising tenacity against the run, given his size and skill set. He also did better than most edge rushers his size at setting the edge, aided by persistence and refined technical skills.

"At Nebraska I was taught a lot about technique and that is one of the things I credit them with, preparing me for the next level," Gregory said at the Combine. "I think that is something a lot of guys at the next level take for granted, and don't really focus on that.

"Even at 235 pounds, I still think I set the edge pretty well because of my technique and I think I use my strength well for what I weigh."

Gregory can also be used as an inside linebacker and had some success as a pass rusher from that spot.


Everything about Gregory's draft status changed when he tested positive for marijuana at the Combine. He admitted the failed test to in an interview published March 26, adding, "I blame myself."

Gregory had two positive marijuana tests at Nebraska, adding that he took the substance to deal with anxiety issues. "Obviously this is new news -- that I failed the test at the Combine -- but the fact that I've smoked in the past isn't a mystery," Gregory told "I've had conversations with (NFL) coaches. I believe we all have an understanding of why I did it. But I feel like I'm improving. I know I am."


Weight:235 pounds
Arm:34 inches (T-7th among 35 Combine edge rushers)
Hand:10 inches (T-14th among 35 Combine edge rushers)
40-yard dash:4.64 seconds (7th among 30 Combine edge rushers tested)
Bench press:24 repetitions (10th among 27 Combine edge rushers tested)
Vertical jump:37 inches (T-7th among 27 Combine edge rushers tested)
Broad jump:10 feet, 5 inches (T-5th among 27 Combine edge rushers tested)

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