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Denver native Roberts continues path toward NFL


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INDIANAPOLIS —** Some people prefer never to experience the high-pressure situation of a last-second field goal attempt, but Jared Roberts lives for it.

For Colorado State fans, the name is a familiar one and that he prides himself in succeeding in dire situations is no surprise. In his last season as a Ram, he took down Utah State in the closing seconds with a 46-yard field goal as time expired. His three field goals were the Rams' only points after an opening touchdown in the first quarter, hitting kicks from 52 and 46 yards before the game-winning field goal.

"That's one of my biggest strengths," Roberts said. "That's why I love being a kicker. I love that pressure and I think even [former CSU Head Coach Jim McElwain] and the coaches will tell you my best kicks were when they would bring everybody in and put the pressure on me."

Roberts, a Denver native, has been going through the ringer at the NFL Scouting Combine this week, which included speaking to teams Tuesday night for the first group of prospects: specialists, offensive lineman and tight ends.

Though the Broncos didn't meet with him in the first night, Roberts connected with the team in a different way in his path to Indianapolis.

When he was in high school, Roberts was a soccer player at Mullen High School.

Like many kickers before him, he was a soccer player before making the move to football. But Roberts had to be convinced to jump to a different sport. He had friends on the football team who wanted him to give it a shot, but he shrugged off their efforts, saying he had never even tried kicking a football before.

The Mustangs were in a hole searching for a kicker after their previous starter graduated so their head coach, former Denver Broncos receiver Dave Logan reached out to Roberts to try to convince him.

"Finally, Coach Logan called me into his office and he's very intimidating and very persuasive and he just said it would be a great experience and it was," Roberts said.

Two state championships later, Roberts saw the success and the payoff both from on the field and in the locker room.

"I won two state championships and created lasting friendships and memories and two of the best years of my life," he said "And that's really what propelled me to give up soccer ultimately and pursue college football, was how much fun I had those two years at Mullen."

From there he went to Fort Collins, where he got a lot more experience and many more chances to show his skill. In his first year, he hit 9-of-10 field goals and then he had a breakout season hitting 21-of-24 kicks.

Roberts' road has been a tough one, walking on to play at Colorado State and even though the altitude benefit in his home state has certainly helped, he doesn't see that as a limiting factor in furthering his career.

"A lot of people don't realize we're in Fort Collins, which still is at altitude but not like Denver. But I've had big kicks at sea level, too," Roberts said. "We played at San Jose State; I had a 53-yarder there. So, you know, I think I have enough kicks on film to show that I have a big leg in Denver, but also at sea level."

Being from Denver and being raised in Broncos Country bred him to be a Broncos fan, but in this process Roberts is opening his horizons to be a fan of any team with each team represented at the Combine.

"It's an interesting transition right now because all 32 teams are possible employers. I was born and raised in the John Elway era so with the championship teams and stuff, but I'm a fan of wherever I'll be next season. Right now, that's me moving forward."

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