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Denver Broncos' 2021 NFL Draft hat unveiled


With the 2021 NFL Draft just weeks away, the NFL and New Era have unveiled the designs for the hats that the NFL's newest players will don as they join their new teams.

This year's caps feature a trucker-hat design, with team branding on the front two panels and mesh panels around the rest. Like the 2020 draft hats, the design is largely uniform from team to team, with each franchise's logo and team name on the hexagonal badge-like patch on a charcoal-colored cap and team-colored brim. In 2018 and 2019, New Era's draft hat designs varied from team to team by prominently incorporating team slogans or other local motifs.

The Broncos' hat features an orange brim and orange badge, with the team name emblazoned on top of the team logo in orange with white and blue borders on the badge.

The cap comes in an array of styles and is available for purchase on the Broncos’ online team store.

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