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Broncos' 2019 NFL Draft hat unveiled


The hats you'll see the Broncos' draft picks wearing this year will look awfully familiar if you're a resident of Denver.

New Era, which designs and provides the official draft-day hats for NFL teams and the players they select in the annual draft, looked to local inspirations in the form of city and state flags for each team for the 2019 version of their hats.

"New Era had two great choices here with Colorado's distinctive state flag and Denver's city flag," said Ryan DiNunzio, New Era's director of football, in an interview with Sports Illustrated. "The group went with the slighty-lesser-known but just-as-cool city flag."

The flag, which was designed in 1926 by a North High School student named Margaret Overbeck, features two peaks with a gold sun between them. New Era's take on the flag swaps red for orange in the mountains and puts the Broncos logo in the center of the hat. There is also a version of the hat that holds true to the flag's red and navy color scheme.

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