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Demaryius Thomas has time frame in mind for QB decision

DENVER —Make no mistake about it, Demaryius Thomas knows exactly when he wants the Broncos' quarterback competition to wrap up.

"About a week and a half into training camp," said Thomas on Friday at his youth football camp at Mullen High School. "Before we go to San Francisco."

That timetable would give Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian nearly two full weeks of practice and a preseason game against the Bears to battle things out. The Broncos will spend time in Santa Clara practicing with the 49ers before their preseason contest on Aug. 19.

The added repetitions with the starter after that decision could make a "big difference," Thomas said.

Head Coach Vance Joseph said during offseason programming he would wait to make a decision until there is a clear winner between Siemian and Lynch.

"He's going to make the right decision," Thomas said. "We trust in Coach, and he's going to make the right decision for the team."

And while Thomas has an ideal time frame for the choice, it doesn't sound like he envies Joseph's decision. Because while Thomas heard Siemian speak up more than Lynch in the offseason, Lynch made a late run that surprised the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver.

"They both had their up and down days," Thomas said. "I remember Trevor's been pretty cool the whole time, but everybody has bad days. … The last couple of weeks, [Lynch] was just lighting it up. It was like, 'Whoa, where'd that come from?'

"It's going to be a good competition. I'm excited about it."

Before the real work begins in late July, Thomas will join Siemian, Lynch and other offensive skill players for a few days of training in Los Angeles. The group will definitely include Emmanuel Sanders and Bennie Fowler III, but the other wide receivers were also invited, as were the tight ends and running backs.

"Everybody should be there, so we'll see how it goes," Thomas said. "It should be good. We'll do like two or three days."

With a competition this important, Thomas can't start working with his quarterbacks soon enough.

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