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DEI: Our Framework

Our Framework

Building off the inaugural DEI plan in 2021, which introduced the strategy to assess, analyze and adopt initiatives, programming, and process, there is intentionality for the plan to evolve by introducing metrics, timelines, and active engagement of various departments. This framework of diversity, equity, and inclusion offers various strategies for staff to participate and offer ongoing coaching to create a culture of inclusion around 5 focus areas: Awareness, Education, Process, Policies and Profits.

  • Awareness: Introduce awareness programming by creating safe and brave spaces to learn about and understand cultural misperceptions, stereotypes, and biases toward underrepresented communities.
  • Education: Offer training and educational strategies to create and foster an inclusive environment in the workplace.
  • Process:Collaborate with department heads, community, and grassroots organizations to strategize on implementing processes that foster inclusive behaviors and strategies unique to their demographics.
  • Policies: Collaborate with the executive-level staff to assess current policies' effectiveness and create new approaches to operationalize diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies.
  • Finance: While maintaining consistency in the abovementioned areas, DEI is infused in external facing areas (i.e., Corporate Partnerships, Marketing, and Ticketing) to implement strategies that impact revenue and engage our fan base and ethnic minority and women-owned businesses.