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Defining Moments: Bills 26, Broncos 16

Fowler makes acrobatic play

First, the defense did its job as the first quarter ticked away. Von Miller sacked Tyrod Taylor, and the Broncos held the Bills to a three-and-out. Then, Trevor Siemian and the offense took over. The five-minute, three-second drive covered 52 yards and gave the Broncos their first points of the day when Brandon McManus knocked in a 38-yard field goal. The highlight of the drive, though, came when Siemian found Bennie Fowler III down the left sideline. Despite having a defender draped all over him, Fowler got a hand on the 20-yard pass and reeled it in for one of the Broncos' bigger gains of the afternoon. The points would follow a few plays later.

Charles records his first score

After the Bills scored the first touchdown of the game to take a 7-3 lead over the Broncos, the Denver offense went to work. Siemian started the drive with a 7-yard pass to Emmanuel Sanders, but C.J. Anderson did most of the work. Anderson took a carry up the middle, cut to the outside and scampered for a 32-yard gain. Then, after he stepped out, Anderson was shoved by Bills safety Micah Hyde. That unnecessary roughness penalty gave the Broncos another 15 yards, and a roughing the passer call on the next play would push them even deeper into Buffalo territory. On first-and-10 from the Bills' 12-yard line, Jamaal Charles did the rest. He ran up the gut, then broke away to the left to score his first touchdown with the Broncos.

Harris holds Bills without field goal

@ShelbyHarris93 = CLUTCH!#BeatTheBills — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) September 24, 2017

The Broncos weren't able to get much going in the second half, but defensive lineman Shelby Harris made sure the Bills weren't able to get points after a Siemian interception. On third-and-18 from the Broncos 40-yard line, Harris took down Taylor to ensure the Bills would wind up outside of field-goal range.


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