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David Bruton hopes his 2015 brings more than special-teams work

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --This is a difficult period on the NFL calendar -- even for those players who aren't facing the start of free agency next week.

Because for players who stay and endure, like the second-longest tenured current Bronco, safety David Bruton, the end of one league year and the start of another means plenty of goodbyes.

It's the nature of the business, but that doesn't mean Bruton or anyone else likes it.

"Oh, business sucks. It happens," Bruton said. "It's what I've seen for seven years: many faces come and go. Heck, I think [left tackle Ryan] Clady's the only consistent face that I've seen day in and day out.

"But it happens, and it's the sad part about the business. You build those camaraderies and those friendships and that respect, and the next thing you know, the guy's either not with you on the team, he's playing elsewhere, or he's not in the league."

Those that move on will have to get accustomed to new coaches. So will Bruton, but he was optimistic and excited after getting his first impressions of the new staff.

"I just got a chance to meet Kubes [Head Coach Gary Kubiak], he seemed like a great guy, down to earth," Bruton said. "I met most of the coaching staff, and they all seem like they have one thing in mind: to win the championship and put the best guys on the field."

And Bruton hopes that the group of "best guys" includes him. He started the regular-season finale and saw his late-season repetitions increase with more use in sub packages when T.J. Ward moved into the box.

"I'm looking forward to that opportunity: not just to be out there on special teams, but also, to take advantage of my opportunity to play defense," Bruton said.

"They (the coaches) have a very positive mentality. A very positive take on the team. They want to finish what we've started here in the past four years. They want to win a championship."

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