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Commissioner Roger Goodell releases memo outlining guidelines to safely reopen NFL team facilities


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to all 32 clubs on Wednesday outlining initial plans for the reopening of team facilities.

UCHealth Training Center and the remaining 31 training facilities have been closed since late March as part of the league's response to COVID-19.

Goodell's memo details protocols that will allow an initial reopening phase that includes a portion of the team's employees returning to work. No more than 50 percent of the team's employees (or up to 75 people) will be allowed in the building in a day.

These guidelines could be stricter depending on local and state guidelines.

No players would return to the facilities during this initial phase, unless they were visiting to continue rehab and treatment that was already taking place when facilities initially closed.

Those who return to the facilities must follow a number of protocols, including wearing a cloth mask and undergoing a daily temperature screening, according to a report by NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

Goodell's memo suggests teams should prepare to install these protocols by May 15.

The league is also working on crafting guidelines for a second phase of reopening that includes a larger number of staff members and also includes players. The memo says that the NFL is working with the NFLPA to develop proper protocols as it relates to access to the facilities.

All protocols were developed in a process led by Dr. Allen Sills and reviewed by Duke University's infectious disease physicians, the NFLPA's medical director and the CDC. Sills will contact each team's physician and newly established Infection Control Officer before the facilities reopen.

The memo also states that the league is working to plan for the 2020 season and that the NFL will be prepared for contingencies.

The 2020 NFL schedule is expected to be released on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. MT.

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