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Coach's Corner: NC State's Dave Doeren on OLB Bradley Chubb

As the Broncos head toward training camp, is taking a detailed look at several members of this year's rookie class. And aside from Denver's coaching staff, who better to call than their college coaches? These players honed their techniques while at school, and their coaches know better than most what to expect from these rookies.

The series begins with first-round pick Bradley Chubb's college coach, NC State's Dave Doeren.

Aric DiLalla: Can you give me a scouting report on Bradley's game?

Dave Doeren: First, you're getting a guy that just plays with relentless effort. He's going to be a very high-energy player, a very passionate player. Very physical — takes pride in his run defense as much as he does his pass rush. He's also a guy that prepares the way he practices. He watches film just like he goes to the practice field: with a purpose. Very attentive. And off the field, he's just one of the nicest guys you'll be around. A lot of personality, but very humble. He shares his time with people, likes to do community service. All those things are real important to him.

AD: His leadership, I think, impressed the coaching staff and front office as much as his talent. What sort of leader was he for you and your team during his time in Raleigh?

DD: He's a two-time captain. That's voted by his peers, so it says a lot. He's one of the first guys every time we have a community service event to volunteer and be in it. You never have to ask him to do things. It was, "Here's what we need done." "Yes sir." And he went and did it. [He led] by example, but also has no problem being vocal with teammates when he needs to — in a positive way or in a constructive way.

AD: What do you think his next step needs to be to find success at the NFL level?

DD: Just keep doing what he's doing. [Follow] the process of being as good as he can be every day. He's very blessed and he's also very determined. So as long as he stays with who he is, he'll be fine.

AD: When you saw that Bradley was drafted at fifth overall, what did you think about the team he landed with? And what do you think it will be like for him to play across from Von Miller?

DD: I think he ended up in a great situation. Not only to be in a defense where there's another great player opposite him, which makes it harder on opposing offenses to game plan protections for one side vs. the other, but [also] to be in an organization that I have a lot of respect for. [It's] a world-champion organization that has a great fan base and an incredible place to live, quality of life. I think he's got a great opportunity.

AD: What are your expectations for what Bradley will be able to accomplish as a rookie?

DD: I'm not going to say that. That's his decision what his goals are there. I know he'll give everything he has. I'm sure his coaches have sat down with him and talked about what he can and can't do as a rookie. I know whatever that kid puts his mind to, he's going to go after it. He'll work extremely hard and give everything he has to them.

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