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Chris Harris Jr. reacts to Broncos' hire of Vance Joseph

First-team All-Pro selection Chris Harris Jr. is busy enjoying his offseason, but he took time Wednesday to check in with to share his initial reaction about the Broncos' hire.

Aric DiLalla: What are your thoughts on your new head coach, Vance Joseph?
Chris Harris Jr.: Hopefully it'll be great. It's a great opportunity for him. He's going to have a lot of great players. He couldn't ask for a better situation to be in as a first-time head coach.**


AD:* How much faith did you all have in [EVP of Football Ops./GM] John Elway to make the right hire?* *CHJ: *We know Elway's going to be bring in somebody who is well-respected and who is going to be a leader of men. That's one thing you can trust with John. He expects him to be able to carry the load and be able to lead us. We all have to fall in that line.

AD: How does it feel to have a coach with a defensive background joining the team?CHJ:You always love that. That's been our staple on our team. We've been winning with an elite defense. Like Elway said, he wanted to keep it elite. To do that, you have to have great minds and new minds.

AD: I know the offseason just began, but how does this affect your excitement level as you look ahead to next season? CHJ:I'm really excited. Everybody's kind of pumped. It's a fresh new start for everybody. Those younger players, it'll benefit them even more. They'll just have a fresh, new coach — a fresh, new evaluation of them.

AD: What does it mean to you that the Broncos hired their first full-time black head coach?CHJ:It means a lot. Minority coaches rarely get a lot of opportunities to be a head coach, to be able to step in that role as an elite guy. It's a great opportunity. Now he can lay his foundation here and set the tone for what type of coach he's going to be in the future.

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