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Bryan Snyder trains Colorado Avalanche rookies on proper nutrition


The Colorado Avalanche rookies stopped by the UC Health Training Center on Thursday to receive nutrition training as a part of their development camp. Broncos Director of Team Nutrition, Bryan Snyder, gave a similar presentation to the one he gives all Denver Broncos rookies, emphasizing the importance of a proper diet, recovery techniques, adequate sleep and how to maintain all of this with the rigors of being a professional athlete.

"It's good especially for the younger players," said Snyder. "A lot of these guys are developmental players who maybe have an idea about nutrition, but they don't understand the benefit that good, solid nutrition can provide. Whether that's good hydration, recovery, vitamin D, supplementation, it's important that these guys have a baseline understanding of what all of these things are so that they can help their performance."

This training is a three-day program for the Avalanche rookies consisting of six different team nutrition talks along with one-on-one consultations followed by recommendations for implementing these practices in their regular training.

In Thursday's team nutrition talk, Snyder focused on the necessity of a proper diet and proper supplementation that can fill the void of certain deficiencies like Vitamin D. The rookies responded by asking questions regarding how to still get a good's night sleep even when on the road and which vitamins are most beneficial to elite performance.