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Bruton, Miller, Tamme Go One-on-One with Fans


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- In Wednesday's Fan Forum, nearly 6,000 Broncos season ticket holders were able to ask questions to safety David Bruton, tight end Jacob Tamme and linebacker Von Miller.

During the hour-long forum, the players answered questions regarding everything from pregame rituals to their favorite opposing team's stadiums to the success of the special teams units to what quarterback Peyton Manning says to his teammates when the offense is on the sideline.

"The questions were very insightful," Tamme said. "You can tell it's a very knowledgeable fan base. They asked a lot of good questions that made me think. It's always good to be able to talk to folks that support you like that, like our fans do, and give them a little one-to-one time."

It was an enjoyable event for both the fans and the players, who got a chance to interact with the men and women that fill Sports Authority Field at Mile High for every Broncos home game.

"It was great," Miller said. "Whenever you can get some feedback and answer questions from all the guys that got support us, it's always good."

The questions came from fans of all ages, including a couple from two kids who Miller said were the highlight of the forum.

"I think they were great," Miller said of the questions. "Especially Joey and Michael, the two kids that called in, they were pretty great.

"Getting interviewed by kids, it's always good when you can answer questions from the young guys out there."

Below are highlights from the call.


On how much fun he is having"I'm having a lot of fun. Every time you win, it's that much more fun, especially because you get closer and closer to your ultimate goal to get into the playoffs and continue on into the dance. Especially with this big-time opponent, a division rival, we haven't won in the past three years (at home) against (the Chargers). It's a lot of excitement. We're just trying to ride this wave all the way to the 'ship."

On how the team is preparing for the rematch with San Diego"We're getting ready for similar things that they did the last time we played them. But you also have to be ready for certain things that they might change up or certain things that they felt worked against us last time we played them. We definitely have to stay on top of that.  Each team, they change a little bit every time you play them if you play them twice. Just with our normal routine, we're still taking it the same way we always do it. Meetings, practice, meetings, just taking care of the task at hand."

On special teams' role in the winning streak"We understand as a team that every facet plays a huge part. Just this last game, each phase scored a touchdown. You get each phase to score a touchdown, that just means there's a big play on defense, a big play on special teams, which ultimately are game-changing plays. The more game-changing plays we have, the better it's going to be for us going down the long run."  

On how the atmosphere on the field has changed from last year"The feeling is there's a lot more hype and excitement. … It's just more of a sense of excitement because we know what we're capable of doing. We know that if even if we start falling behind, we still have a chance to come back. We have playmakers in all facets, and it's very exciting and the fans of course are second to none. It's just great to be in the home stadium."

On being double-teamed on the punt block unit"It's definitely frustrating. I'm going to tell you that now because two-on-one is not an easy job, especially in the NFL. I take pride in it and I still have to find a way to make plays even with a double team. Me being double-teamed, me being singled out in our punt rush, it just opens up more opportunities for the other guys to come out there and make plays. Like our (cornerback) Omar Boldens, or our (linebacker) Nate Irvings and (wide receiver) Matthew Willis, those guys are definitely making some huge plays as well in the kicking game."

On cornerbacks Chris Harris and Tony Carter stepping up to replace the injured Tracy Porter"We're deep in different positions, we're deep across the board. We have playmakers in every shape and form. Especially with Tracy being out, we've had Chris Harris and Tony Carter step up huge, having touchdowns and two picks, and just doing their thing out there. I feel like we just have guys out there who go out there and play and if somebody goes down, everybody else is ready to step up and do the same thing."  

On what Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio brings to the defense"Aggressiveness, that intensity. He definitely brings that to the table. He's not a laid-back coach, he's a guy who gets on your butt when you do something wrong and he's a guy who will pat you on the back when you do something right. He's a guy that you can joke with, a guy that you can have a legit conversation with about football, about plays. Him playing himself, he actually brings that player's coach mentality toward him as well. I feel like it's very beneficial because we all as a player, no matter, rookie to 14th year in the league, you're able to approach him." 

TIGHT END JACOB TAMMEOn the challenge of playing against San Diego for the second time"It's always hard to beat a good team twice. People say that in every sport across the map. San Diego is a good team. We were fortunate to really play extremely well in the second half last time. And we definitely can't afford to get in the hole like that again. So we need to come out ready to go from the get-go. It would be very big for us to be able to beat San Diego twice and extend our lead in the division."

On if the team is having as much fun as it seems to be"Well we're not faking it, I don't guess. So yeah, absolutely. Like I said in the beginning, the last few weeks have been a lot of fun. It's not fun if you don't win. The first half of San Diego was not fun last time. The second half was some of the most fun I've ever had playing football so it's all about the way we're playing. We have been playing pretty good ball recently. We need to continue to get better and keep doing that. When you do that, it's nothing but fun. That's what it's about."

On what it's like playing with Kentucky alums in linebackers Wesley Woodyard and Danny Trevathan and whether players talk about each other's alma maters"We do. Kind of just a little insight into the locker room I guess. Everyone's real proud of their colleges, so everyone, when there's a big game on Saturday, everyone is always talking on Fridays. To have Wood and also Danny here is awesome. Wesley and I played together our whole careers at Kentucky. I always say nice things about the guy because there's nothing else to say. I feel like everyone's tired of hearing me say it, but I absolutely love playing with Wesley Woodyard. I felt like we really developed something at Kentucky. To be able to play with him again on the same team is really special for me. It's just something you never dream of. Then having Danny here too, sort of the young guy from Kentucky is pretty neat. We have a good locker room, certainly great to have those guys around."

On his pregame ritual"I think every professional athlete has some sort of something, whether you call it a ritual or superstition. It never means anything, but you never want to have that thought in your mind, like, 'Oh, I didn't do this or that's what I normally do.' I actually listen to Kenny Chesney, Back Where I Come From before every game. I'll kind of mix up the other songs, I may go old school, I may do something new, you never know what's going to pop up on there, but I always listen to Back Where I Come From because I've known that song for a long time. Growing up as a kid I was a country music fan and I watched Kenny. It reminds me of where I did come from and it reminds me of the work that I've put in to get here and how blessed I've been to be able to do this. It wasn't too long ago it seems like to me, I was out there playing high school football at Boyle County High School, a small town in Kentucky. So that's where I come from, and I try to play that before every game." 

On if Manning is still as intense as he was in Indianapolis"I think that is one thing that is never going to change about Peyton. As long as he puts on a helmet and shoulder pads, he's going to be the same guy. He's going to work his tail off, he's going to be intense during practice and during the games because that's who he is and that's part of what makes him great. That's part of what makes his leadership the type of leadership that is on a different level. I think his intensity hasn't waned a bit. That's been fun for me to see and it's made it fun to be a part of this team and a part of this offense. So I enjoy when we're all pushing each other to the limit because that's how you get as good as you can be. Having a guy like Peyton at the helm pushing himself to that limit is a good thing for our offense. So it's overall definitely a positive thing."


On the defense's chemistry"We're out there trying to have fun. In this sport, especially in the professional ranks, it's so hard to make plays. Whenever you make plays, you have to show some excitement. We were able to make a couple plays over these weeks, so that's why it looks like a party out there. We're all having fun, we're all having a great time making plays together."

On his favorite place to play away from Denver"My favorite place to play would have to be the Black Hole there with the Oakland Raiders. It's great going in there and playing. Their fans, they hate you. It's all black when you go in there and I love it. That's how a football stadium is supposed to look. Our stadium is great, I love playing here too, but if I had a choice to play an away game, it would have to be the Black Hole. They love the Raiders and it's great going in there and playing those guys."

On where he got his speed"I think it starts when I was a little boy. I played every position in football when I was younger. I think once I got into college and I started playing defense, speed, I didn't have to worry about speed because I had been playing positions that require speed. It kind of worked out to my advantage, playing all over the field when I was younger."

On his biggest influence since coming to the Broncos"For me, my biggest influence would have to be (Linebackers) Coach (Richard) Smith. He's not out there playing, but he helps me out a lot. Even when I'm doing it right, I'm doing it wrong. He's always motivating me, he's always pushing me. He's a great coach for me and I think that's been the biggest motivation for our linebacker guys, if not the whole defense."

On how Smith tells him he's doing something right and wrong at the same time"You can never get it right. Say if I got the right technique on one play, he's like, 'You could have stepped with this foot or you could have used your hands, you could have done it this way or you could have done it a lot better.' I think that philosophy of teaching, it really helps me out."