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Broncos salary cap figure set for 2015


Thanks to a carryover from last year and other adjustments, the Broncos will have an adjusted team salary cap of $150,066,024, according to figures released by the NFL Players Association on Monday.

The Broncos will carry over $5,870,000 from last year, with adjustments of $916,024 contributing to their final cap figure for the year.

The base salary cap for 2015 is $143,280,000. After adjustments and carryover, one team saw a decrease -- San Diego (to $142,972,612).

Twenty-one teams have a lower adjusted cap figure for 2015 than the Broncos, including two of their three AFC West rivals (Kansas City, at $146,144,200, and San Diego). The Jacksonville Jaguars have the highest adjusted 2015 salary-cap figure, at $168,486,107.

The NFLPA posted figures for the entire league at its website.

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