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Broncos receive four compensatory selections in 2017 NFL Draft

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --The Broncos learned Friday afternoon that they will have four compensatory picks in the 2017 NFL Draft, including a third-rounder.

The NFL announced the compensatory selections in a memo distributed to teams. The Broncos' four compensatory picks are as follows:

ROUND 3:Pick 37 (No. 101 overall)
ROUND 5:Pick 34 (No. 177 overall)
ROUND 7:Pick 34 (No. 252 overall)
ROUND 7:Pick 35 (No. 253 overall)

The two seventh-round selections are the last two picks of the draft.

Compensatory selections are determined by a formula that incorporates the net gains and losses from the previous year's unrestricted free-agent signing period. The formula accounts for the value of the contracts and the production of the players with their new clubs.

The Broncos lost seven players in free agency last year, including DE Malik Jackson, QB Brock Osweiler, G Evan Mathis and LB Danny Trevathan. They signed three unrestricted free agents: DE Jared Crick, LT Russell Okung and RT Donald Stephenson.

Denver was one of four teams to receive a league-leading four compensatory picks, along with Cincinnati, Cleveland and Kansas City.

The league handed out 32 compensatory picks, including a whopping 11 in the third round alone. Seattle received two compensatory third-round picks.

This is also the first year in which teams can trade compensatory picks.

With the four compensatory picks, one pick added via trade and two picks (fifth- and sixth-rounders) traded in the last two years, the Broncos now have 10 picks in this year's draft:

ROUND 1:Pick 20 (No. 20 overall)
ROUND 2:Pick 19 (No. 51 overall)
ROUND 3:Pick 18 (No. 82 overall)
ROUND 3:Pick 37 (No. 101 overall, compensatory)
ROUND 4:Pick 20 (No. 127 overall)
ROUND 5:Pick 34 (No. 177 overall, compensatory)
ROUND 6:Pick 19 (No. 203 overall, acquired from Tennessee)
ROUND 7:Pick 20 (No. 238 overall)
ROUND 7:Pick 34 (No. 252 overall, compensatory)
ROUND 7:Pick 35 (No. 253 overall, compensatory)

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