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Broncos Overcome 13 Penalties

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. --In the battle of the Manning brothers, a ton of passes were expected. And the game delivered.

Peyton threw 43, Eli threw 49 and the referees threw 17 -- flags, that is.

Thirteen of those were for penalties called on the Broncos, which cost Denver 132 yards -- nearly six times the Giants' rushing yardage total in the game.

"We know we can't beat ourselves, especially on the road," cornerback Chris Harris said. "I just try to keep everybody calm, everybody focused and just into the game. Some of those calls – y'all saw the game. It was kind of shaky. I don't want to say anything too far, but y'all saw the game."

On a third-quarter scoring drive for the Giants, the Broncos defense committed four penalties -- two for pass interference, one for illegal use of hands and another for taunting.

One came on third down, helping to extend the drive that helped the Giants pull to within one point.

It was tied for the fifth-most penalties and penalty yards in team history.

"When it's like that, you've just got to tell guys you've got to keep your composure a little bit more.," Harris said. " You can't be a little bit as rowdy as you want to be, can't be as physical as you want to be. We kind of backed off a little bit so we could avoid beating ourselves."