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Broncos Have Been Must-See TV

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. –Since* *Labor Day, the top 20 shows on television have all been NFL games.

The Broncos occupy three of the top four spots on that list and seven of the top 12.

The most-watched Broncos game has been the team's 51-48 victory at Dallas, which was seen by 28.3 million viewers – just 200,000 shy of the top slot, the Packers-49ers game on Fox during kickoff weekend.

This week's 28-20 win at San Diego was seen by 24.1 million viewers, which ranks 12th on the list for the year and drew the largest audience of all shows this past week. This marks the 10th time in 10 weeks that an NFL game has topped the viewership charts.

For the season, NFL games rank as the 20 most-watched TV shows since Labor Day, up from 16 at this point last season.

The Broncos-Chargers broadcast earned the highest household share of all NFL markets with 75 percent of televisions in use in the Denver market tuned into the game. That contest was also the most-watched television show in the Boston market with the Patriots on a bye week -- 16.5 percent of all televisions and 35 percent of televisions in use in Boston tuned in to the Broncos' win.

See below for the list of the most-watched shows on television since Labor Day.

Program, DateViewers
1. FOX Sunday National (mostly Packers-49ers), 9/828.5 million
2. CBS Sunday National (mostly Broncos-Cowboys), 10/628.3 million
3. FOX Sunday National (mostly Eagles-Broncos), 9/2927.0 million
4. NBC Sunday Night Football (Broncos-Colts), 10/2026.9 million
5. FOX Sunday National (mostly Saints-Patriots), 10/1326.7 million
6. CBS Sunday National (mostly Broncos-Giants), 9/1526.4 million
7. CBS Sunday National (mostly Colts-49ers), 9/2225.6 million
8. FOX Sunday National (mostly Redskins-Broncos), 10/2725.5 million
9. NBC Sunday Night Football (Giants-Cowboys), 9/825.4 million
10. CBS Sunday National (mostly Ravens-Steelers & Texans-Chiefs), 10/2025.3 million
11. NBC Thursday Night Kickoff Game (Ravens-Broncos), 9/525.1 million
12. CBS Sunday National (mostly Broncos-Chargers), 11/1024.1 million