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'Broncos Country' earns merit with Facebook map


An interesting data map came across the Broncos Social desk earlier Friday afternoon, and it's one of those things that needs to be shared -- and on more platforms than just Facebook.

Facebook's data team delved into the fandom for all 32 NFL teams and came up with this pretty cool -- and rather Broncos-Orange dominated, no? -- map showcasing where American football fans live based on which NFL team they "Like" on Facebook. 

Every county across the country is color-coded based on which official NFL team page has the most Facebook "likes" from people who live in that county.

Predictability reigned throughout the country, with most teams "owning" their home states and expanding a bit into surrounding areas. The Broncos' and Cowboys' color splotches bleed the most, geographically, of any teams in the NFL, adding to the "Broncos Country" moniker so often utilzied on among Denver football fan groups and on social platforms.

Colorado is dominated, of course, by Broncos orange (PMS 1655, if you're wonderig), but the color seeps into Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.

Florida, with color specks of Dolphins green, Buccaneers red and Jaguars yellow appears the most divided, with Iowa and Kentucky following.

Click to the Broncos' FB page for a high-res version of the map.

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