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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Martin's eyes suggested he didn't quite believe it, even when he heard Peyton Manning say, "Omaha."

This was not a prank, nor some voice impostor. Peyton Manning was on the phone.

The NFL owners voted on Tuesday evening to approve a rule proposal that allows for offensive and defensive pass interference, including non-calls, to be subject to review.

Coaches can challenge those calls in the first 28 minutes of each half. In the final two minutes of each half, those calls will be subject to a booth review.

This rule change is only for the 2019 season.

Said McKay: "The traditionalists are hard to get. A change like this that affects the onside, it typically takes a little time for them. And that's OK. We should protect the game, the history of the game. We'll have more data with the new kickoff rule next year. We'll see if recovering the onside remains as low as it this year and then we'll see."

Don't ask Fangio about the Broncos' 2018 season. Does he wait until the players are operating in his system and on the field before evaluating them? "In our system (and) in person-and-on-the-field by a long shot," he said. "I surprised (general manager) John (Elway) when I said it and it's held true: I have watched very little of the Denver Broncos from the 2018 season. Very little. I bet you under 150 plays. The only guys I've watched are the guys we've had to make decisions on. If a guy's on our roster and he's going to be on our team, I want to form my own opinion. I don't want to watch (the) other stuff."

_Pump the brakes, mocksters, on the Broncos taking inside linebackers Devin White or Devin Bush with their No. 10 overall draft pick. _

Days after the Rams and Chiefs shook the NFL with their 105 combined points in an offensive showdown last season, then-Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio took a podium at Halas Hall and was asked, like many other coaches around the league, if this was the direction the game was headed. The rules had become tilted in favor of the offense, the head coaching hirings had been tilted in favor of offensive minds and the game had simply spread out, making life that much harder for defenses.

Were NFL games going to turn into 100-point spectacles?

The answer came three weeks later when Fangio's defense squashed the Rams 15-6 and pummeled quarterback Jared Goff, getting four interceptions and three sacks, one of which resulted in the go-ahead safety.

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