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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

When Flacco drops back to pass, he earns respect without uttering a word, by displaying a gift that's rare, even at the NFL level.

"He can throw the ball 80 yards, easy," Broncos linebacker Von Miller said Tuesday, marveling at a mighty heave Flacco unleashed during practice. "He threw it 80 yards across the field. He's looking like a Super Bowl MVP to me."

Von Miller responds to critics of his Pass Rush Summit (Kyle Fredrickson, The Denver Post)

Friendship among foes is hardly new among professional athletes in the modern age, especially with free agency, as witnessed when opposing players often swap jersey's following games. Miller's push to share knowledge among his "competitors" one weekend each summer is fueled by a desire to raise the pass-rushing bar across the league and give back to the game.

5) Defense has an edge Vic Fangio wants to win practice. Peyton Manning said it last week about his former Colts defensive coordinator. It was evidenced Tuesday. The first-team group was getting after it. At one point, some of the first-stringers were told to move back from the goal line while they were on the sideline, and defensive back Kareem Jackson said, "Why should we move? They aren't going to score anyway."

"Fant is a mismatch player the Broncos can use against slower linebackers and smaller safeties," Richard said. "That was something he did a lot of in the red zone at Iowa, scoring 18 times over 69 catches his final two seasons. But he averaged just 40.5 yards per game and had plenty of mishaps (botched plays, bad blocking, awareness issues). With very good speed and unique size, Fant has the athletic profile to dominate."

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