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Broncos, Briefly: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019

Fortunately for the Broncos, they have 15 games to help make up for the "first one," a clunky 24-16 loss to the Oakland Raiders here Monday night.

"That's a play that I know I should make and I'll make 99 times out of 100," Hamilton said. "That's hard, especially when we were struggling in the red-zone and we don't any momentum at all in that game. I told somebody earlier, 'No doubt in my mind I catch that and we win the game.' The momentum is different, the whole vibe of the game goes differently and that was the spark we needed."

Leaving no stone – or dirt particle – unturned, Broncos kicker Brandon McManus called upon the Rockies and Coors Field in preparing for the game Monday night against the Oakland Raiders.

McManus, long-snapper Casey Kreiter and holder Colby Wadman paid a visit Monday to Coors Field where McManus practiced kickoffs, 33-yard extra points and field goals of 30 yards or longer from various parts of the Rockies' infield.

"I was extremely disappointed in the loss, but not discouraged," Vic Fangio said of his message to the Broncos after his head-coaching debut ended in a thud on "Monday Night Football."

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