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Broncos, Briefly: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I'll give the Broncos the top tight end in the class in Hockenson, a complete player who will be able to start immediately. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound Hockenson has been compared to Rob Gronkowski, and you can see the similarities on film.

Ellis said Bowlen would serve in a "senior management position," a major development in creating clarity for the future leadership of the team. It is not a stretch to presume Bowlen's return to the Broncos would set in motion a transition that ends with Ellis handing off day-to-day responsibilities. Ellis said he's not sure exactly when Bowlen will rejoin the team.

"I can't go (practice), but I'm getting closer," Butt said. "I'm about five months out right now. But rehab is going really well. I'm feeling great and I know the trainers are feeling good about where I'm at."

"My first job, half of it was working for our then-CFO, who his main focus was getting the new stadium built," York said as he walked through the lobby of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and on through a breezeway to another building where many of the key NFL owners meetings take place. "Thankfully, the Broncos are not in that situation where they need to build a new stadium."

Usually, the Super Bowl champion is the home team for the prime-time opener, but the league wants to salute historic rivalries in 2019. None fits better than Chicago-Green Bay. The teams have met 198 times since 1921, when the Bears were the Chicago Staleys. Green Bay leads the series 97-95-6, including the clubs splitting two postseason games.

**Hometown Hero Dymonte Thomas** (The Mission podcast, Pro Football Hall of Fame)

"I'm very excited to be playing in the Hall of Fame Game, especially because the last time I played there, I lost. We lost to Akron-Buchtel [in high school], I think it was in the final four, and it was kind of upsetting. So I get to go back and try to redeem myself. It's very exciting because everyone's already texting me back at home, like, 'Oh, yeah, we're buying tickets, we're doing that.' And my dad, since he heard the rumor that we might play in the game, every day he texted, 'Do you know yet? Do you know yet?' So when he finally heard, he was so excited. My dad's just a big fan and glad the entire family's going to be able to watch me play."

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