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Broncos, Briefly: Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019

"I've been unemployed for a long while this season, so it's revenge for everybody," Sensabaugh said Wednesday before practice. "(Not being signed) fuels me a lot. I felt like I should've been signed a long time ago, and I felt like I was one of the best corners in free agency this offseason.

"Here's my chance to go prove it."

By now, everyone in Broncos Country knows Lindsay's looks are as deceiving as his footwork.

He is a between-the-tackles runner disguised in a perimeter body.

The Broncos' offense should look at the bright side when being asked about their third-quarter struggles: The questions could be about game-long scoring issues.

Kareem Jackson fits right in at safety for Broncos (Arnie Stapleton, Associated Press)

Exhibit No. 1 in support of Vic Fangio's desire to convert Kareem Jackson into a fulltime strong safety is the 10th-year pro's jackhammering, fumble-causing, touchdown-saving, touchback-inducing, bone-crunching hit of Chargers running back Austin Ekeler.

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