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#Broncos Briefly: September 18, 2015


Where there's a will, there's a way]( (Woody Paige, Denver Post)

Broncos's Hex over the Chiefs continues (Mark Kiszla, Denver Post)

Manning: That’s a new one for me (Dave Skretta, Associated Press)

Chiefs drop chance to drop Denver (Lindsay Jones, USA Today)

Will Ferrell and John Elway must be proud (Paul Klee, Colorado Springs Gazette)

Chris Harris Jr.![](/team/roster/chris-harris-jr/6fb07762-c228-4b8e-9a2c-8007c6b1e5e2/ "Chris Harris Jr.") and his uphill battle (Chris Harris Jr., The Players' Tribune)

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Milestones are pretty cool (

A step above the rest (

Broncos prove they can ‘do their job’ too (Andrew Mason,

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