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Broncos, Briefly: Friday, Oct. 11, 2019

"I've been in this position a lot before — being inactive, waiting for my chance," Purcell said. "My first year, I made the 53-man in San Francisco and was inactive for the first eight games. (The uncertainty) is nothing new to me, so I've always stayed prepared."

"I really don't think I'm doing horrible right now," Yiadom said. "I'm working and competing and I'll continue to do that."

"I kind of look at it like—you know how you've got a son he goes out there and has a good game or he has an OK game and you just want him to do better, so you kind of cover it up a little,'' Miller said. "I think it's all out of love. It's all out of love and I think (Fangio) wants to see me do the best."

On cue, Sutton broke loose. With three receivers on the left side of the formation, Sutton lined up inside as DaeSean Hamilton and Emmanuel Sanders flanked him. When the other two ran mirroring hitch routes, Sutton set off on a corner route, turning toward the sideline some 25 yards upfield as a deep ball from Joe Flacco sailed his way. Sutton ducked under the grasp of one safety before blowing by another and making a beeline for the end zone.

During his five-year NFL career, Jeff Heuerman has seen some of the highs and lows that sometimes accompany the game, from the ACL injury that derailed his rookie season to celebrating a Super Bowl victory less than a year later. In a recent conversation with us, he shared how those experiences have shaped his perspective in the NFL and told us why he thinks the Broncos can overcome a slow start.

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