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Broncos, Briefly: Friday, April 26, 2019

In the second round Friday, they have Nos. 41 and 52 and No. 71 in the third round. Premium territory to find players who will play major roles in the Week 1 opener at Oakland.

"We're going to continue to stay true to our board," general manager John Elway said late Thursday night. "It does help having an extra second because we really feel like there are a lot of good football players left."

Bottom line is this ... When you've been as bad as the Broncos have been, you need as many good players as possible.

Hopefully this move will help them get at least one more – and another next year.

Offenses around the league have reaped the rewards of a tight end who can win matchups in the passing game, and the Broncos have certainly struggled to join that party in recent seasons. Fant gives them the potential to have immediate impact in their new offense. At 6-foot-4 1/8 inches and 249 pounds, Fant ran a 4.50-second 40-yard dash at the combine, so he has the speed to beat linebackers in coverage and the size to overwhelm many defensive backs, especially the nickel cornerbacks who try to line up across from him in the slot.

"We felt it was too much value to not take it," Elway said. "We had a couple other options too, so we had a lot going on in those 10 minutes. We ended up taking the deal with Pittsburgh and just felt like getting that extra pick in the second and getting the third next year, the value was there."

Fant is an absolute athletic freak, who clocked a mind-blowing 4.50 40-yard dash in Indy. For some reference, that's faster than George Kittle (4.52), who you may remember running past the entire Broncos' defense last season. That's also faster than fellow first-round pick N'Keal Harry (4.53), a wide receiver that stands two inches and 22 pounds beneath Fant.

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