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Broncos announce new uniforms coming in 2024


ORLANDO, Fla. — New uniforms are coming to Broncos Country in 2024.

For the first time since 1997, the Broncos will reveal a new uniform set, President Damani Leech announced Monday.

"It's been a great process across the organization between staff and ownership, particularly [Owner] Carrie [Walton Penner], who has really driven this process," Leech said Monday at the NFL Annual Meeting. "[There has been] player involvement and fan involvement. We are really excited to finally move in that direction."

Leech said the Broncos' logo and team colors will remain the same but that the uniform will undergo "a full redesign." Leech also confirmed the uniform will be revealed "sometime in the next weeks."

The Broncos initially teased the news via a short social media video, which featured threads illustrated on the mane of the Broncos' logo and "coming soon" in white letters.

Denver has had six different uniforms in franchise history, with the latest change coming in 1997. The newest iteration will feature nods to the Broncos' home state, according to Owner & CEO Greg Penner.

"[I'm] really excited," Penner said Monday. "It's time for a change, and we think we'll have something that honors Broncos Country and our fans will be pleased [that it includes] elements of Colorado. It was an interesting process that Carrie was deeply involved with, I was, [Head] Coach [Sean Payton], coaches, some of our players. So we got a lot of feedback — also from the fans. I think we have something … they'll be excited about."

Leech said the design for the uniform came after a series of conversations about what was important to the team and the fan base.

"[It was about] wanting to evolve and be new and different, but also being respectful of our history and traditions and understanding our surroundings," Leech said. "I think from a geographic standpoint, there [will] be nods to that. I think people will be really excited about it."

Leech said the process began nearly immediately after he was hired in August of 2022, as the team sent surveys to fans and then met with Nike in January of 2023. Leech and Walton Penner were both part of a Broncos contingent that traveled to Beaverton, Oregon in 2023 as part of the design process.

"It's quite a lengthy process," Leech said. "It starts with a lot of surveying your fans, [and then] Nike takes you through sort of a design, vision and process of what's important to you and what are you trying to accomplish. On a scale of one to 10, how much change are you looking for? [It's] a bunch of different things, and then you sort of start iterating from a design standpoint. Then you have to move into production, because is this something that can actually be built?

"I think I came into it thinking, 'Oh, this will be simple. This will be quick and easy.' But once you get into it, you understand production, manufacturing and design takes a while."

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