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#AskABronco: C.J. Anderson

"Moving from California to Denver was not a hard transition, other than it was just colder. It's always beautiful and 75 in Cali. I wear 22 because there were 22 running backs drafted in my class before me. It just motivates me every day and when I look down on my chest, it just pushes me to go harder because there were 22 backs before me and I was undrafted."

"Plenty of them. Peyton [Manning], Champ [Bailey], DeMarcus [Ware], Bubba [Caldwell]."

@Broncos @CjAndersonRB9 hows it feel to have a good TE like green that provides that much blocking an running space? #AskABronco

— Jimmy Hernandez (@Jimmy_H663) December 4, 2014

"It's just amazing. Virgil, what he did at Nevada. Virg just loves to be physical. He loves going out there and moving people against their will so it's just good to have an amazing tight end and run behind that."

"I do everything starting off with my left. I put my left sock on first, I get my left ankle taped first, I get my left wrist taped first. Just pretty much left side. Then me, Julius, and Virg play our little one-handed Harlem Globetrotter game before every game."

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