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A Different Measuring Stick

There are a lot of ways to measure success, and we all know that championships are what teams shoot for, with the Denver Broncos always setting that up as the ultimate goal.

But when you look at a team's record from the perspective not of one season, nor even one decade, but of a generation or even two, there are a lot of ways to measure success.

Looking at the reverse image, like staring at a reflection given by a mirror within a mirror view, the Broncos have not only done a lot of winning, but our franchise has done less losing than almost any other team.

This is a blog about winning in reverse, but I think you might find a few fun facts here if you choose to read further.

Since the pro football merger in which the AFL teams joined the NFL for play in the 1970 season, Denver Has had the fewest 10-plus loss seasons in pro football, with just three. Pittsburgh has had four 10-loss seasons, Miami five, Minnesota and Seattle eight, and Dallas nine.

In the AFC, Denver's three are followed by Pittsburgh's four, five by Miami, and then Oakland with 10 and New England with 11.  That's 11 seasons with at least 10 losses by the New England Patriots in the same time span when Denver has had just three.

The most 10-loss season, by the way, is an ignominious title held by Tampa Bay with 21, while the St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals and Detroit have 20 each, while Atlanta, Buffalo and Cincinnati  have had 17 each, and the Jets posted 16 and the Colts (in Baltimore and Indianapolis) come in with 15.

Also, Denver and Pittsburgh are the only two teams without back-to-back 10-plus loss seasons since the merger; Denver has gone the longest without such back-to-back negativity (1966-67), while Pittsburgh accomplished this futility in 1968-69.

Now, if you take the time to look at the overall numbers over the last 43 years, there have been 371 times in which a team has lost 10 or more games, almost nine per year.

And Denver has three of those 371, or just 0.8%.

So the Denver Broncos franchise has avoided being downtrodden for any great length of time compared to 90% of the overall members of the NFL.

Just a different way of measuring success, and thanks for reading!!

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