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2020 NFL Draft to be conducted virtually as NFL facilities remain closed indefinitely


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Broncos will conduct the 2020 NFL Draft from afar.

In the latest update to the NFL's response to COVID-19, Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to all 32 teams on Monday that the 2020 NFL Draft will take place in a completely virtual format.

John Elway, Vic Fangio and the rest of the decision-makers around the league must find a way to communicate with each other, other teams and the league from separate locations.

Elway and Fangio, then, will be expected to execute the Broncos' draft strategy from their respective homes. The two were previously given access to collegiate video in their home offices.

The memo also relayed that all league and team facilities will remain indefinitely closed. UCHealth Training Center and the rest of the league's practice facilities were closed on March 26.

Goodell said the facilities would reopen only when it is safe to do so, which will be determined by public health advice and government policies.

The continuing closure of the facilities and the resulting draft decision were both made to both comply with government health recommendations and to ensure competitive balance.

The Broncos have previously indicated they would be ready for the draft, regardless of when or how it occurs.

"I think the good thing is we've gotten a tremendous amount of work done already," Elway said Tuesday. "Our scouts are already looking at juniors that are possible guys that come out next year in the draft. Our scouts at this point in time [have] moved on to next year. So, as far as this year's draft and the information and the reports that we've gotten from all the scouts, those are all in. We feel good about where we are. It helped us tremendously [that] Vic … had the coaches stay home from the Combine and spend one full week on the draft, and so all the coaches got all their reports in on the players in this year's draft. That was beneficial.

"… We feel pretty good about where we are. The draft staying where it is is fine. … We're in good shape."

The 2020 NFL Draft is scheduled to begin on April 23.

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